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RV082 to SonicWALL 2040 VPN...

Hello everyone!

Having some very strange issues  recently with our setup here.  Let me hash out the details.

We  have two locations, in our remote location, an RV082 and at our main  branch, SW2040.  Current setup has been in place and GREAT for years!   Just yesterday though the VPN has dropped considerably, and refueses to  stay up for more than a few minutes at a time - then I have to rehash  the connection manually in the RV, but cannot within the SW.  When this  happens I also lose internet on the LAN.

I had called the  broadband provider and verified connectivity to the router.

Using  a GW to GW VPN...

Jun  2 14:14:14 2010    VPN Log   Ignoring Vendor ID  payload Type = [draft-ietf-ipsec-nat-t-ike-00]
Jun 2  14:14:14 2010    VPN Log   [Tunnel Negotiation Info]  <<< Responder Received Main Mode 1st packet
Jun  2 14:14:14 2010    VPN Log   (NATT)Initial Main Mode  message received on REMOTE IP:500 but no connection has been authorized.  Please check your tunnel endpoint (gateway) setting
Jun  2 14:14:14 2010    VPN Log   Dynamic VPN client in  Main Mode is only supported for Microsoft VPN client, please use  Aggressive mode instead.
Jun 2 14:14:14 2010     VPN Log   Dynamic VPN client in Main Mode is only supported  for Microsoft VPN client, please use Aggressive mode instead.

RV082  Settings...

IP ONLY Subnet based

IKE with preshared key

Phase1  - Group1/DES/MD5/28800 seconds

no PF secrecy

Phase2 -  DES/MD5/3600

Aggressive mode is not checked

Keep-Alive is  checked

NetBIOS broadcast is checked

SW2040  Settings...

IKE using preshared key

Main Mode


no  PF secrecy

Phase2 - ESP protocol/DES/MD5/3600

Keep Alive  enabled

Try to bring up all possible Tunnels Enabled

So  this is what I have. I would really appreciate some help to save me a  trip across the country :smileyhappy:


Community Member

Re: RV082 to SonicWALL 2040 VPN...

I should also mention that I can remote-manage the RV device from the main location.  I have to "reconnect" the VPN and internet/VPN comes back up...               

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