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SAP hangs after 15 entries

Dear all

We have given VPN thru GRE. Now the client is running SAP between this link. there are no drops in the link even with 1500 byte size between two end routers however after some entries the application hangs( there is an hourglass which keeps coming) and we are stuck. I have tried everything from df bit to mtu size to tcp adjust command but nothing has worked.

Any help is surely welcome.


aasheesh gupta


Re: SAP hangs after 15 entries


the first thing to check would be why SAP hangs, i.e. which packets are not delivered (assuming there are no SAP software related issues). And then find out where they are dropped. The VPN/GRE part of your network could be the reason, but I assume there are many other active components as well. Maybe you are searching in the wrong place.

So I would get a packet analyzer (like ethereal) and get a trace of what happens.

Happy New Year!


Edit: Second thought:

What about the IP network transporting the GRE packets? Are there drops? Are you able to ping the SAP server from the client machine, when the SAP problem occurs?

I would setup a ping in the background (ping -t) and see wether you are chasing a problem related to IP connectivity or more related to SAP.

New Member

Re: SAP hangs after 15 entries


thanks for the reply. Yes i did try the ping in the background and there were no drops. However i will try the etherreal and see what happens. will update the post after i do so.

Happy New Year to ypu too pal


Aasheesh Gupta

Re: SAP hangs after 15 entries


In addition to drops will also suggest to check the latency variations which is measured in ms while pinging the SAP server.

Also the access time to different modules whether they are also taking the same kinda time delay on their own or any particular module is behaving like that.

You can also very well compare the kinda access time with the locations which has similar connectivity.

Also if possible from different wkstations altogether.

From my past exp some of the modules interact with the external Database server to fetch the details which mite differ from other access times.

also about the occurance of the delay whether its a permanent one or a momemtary one ..

Coz of the load conditions on the SAP server or the database server too will delay up the response time which will be reflected in ur access time...


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