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Satelite Internet provider for VOIP supporting BGP

I am looking at possibly using a business grade satelite internet provider for possible remote site and our main site for backup for our fiber based T1's and T3's. Does anyone have any recomendations for a Satelite provider that meets the following specifications:

1. Has low enough latency to support VOIP, Video, and VPN connections.

2. Provide Support for BGP routing protocol over the global internet.

3. Provide an Unlimited Data usage capability.

I'm looking at somthing in the 1-6 Mbit/s range with uploads of at least 1 mbit/s. Does anyone have any thoughts?


Re: Satelite Internet provider for VOIP supporting BGP

Delay causes voice-quality degradation if it is above 200 ms. If the end-to-end voice delay becomes too long, the conversation begins to sound like two parties talking over a satellite link or a CB radio. The ITU standard for VoIP (G.114) states that a 150-ms one-way ear-to-mouth delay budget is acceptable for high voice quality. It has been shown that there is a negligible difference in voice-quality scores using networks built with 200-ms delay budgets. Cisco recommends designing to the ITU standard of 150 ms, but if constraints exist where this delay target cannot be met, then the delay boundary can be extended to 200 ms without significant impact on voice quality

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Re: Satelite Internet provider for VOIP supporting BGP


I have a satellite circuit with 350 ms delay (best case). The voice quality is surpisingly good using G711 codec!

The link is provided by a leading satellite operator and I have connected a router with CCME and 7912 phones.

Re: Satelite Internet provider for VOIP supporting BGP


Totally agree with Paolo, i had a similar case with around 400ms delay and voice quality was acceptable, not everything goes as said in books.


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