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Serial Cards

Hello everyone,

I'm work on a college campus, and we are having issues keeping our wic-2T cards functional. We operate a cisco academy here, and we are constantly plugging and unplugging serial cables. I would imagine that both the cables and the cards are not built to tolerate being plugged and unplugged a thousand times a year. Generally, what happens is one of the ports on the card just refuses to work. Does anyone have any ideas for me on how to prolong the life of these serial cards?



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Serial Cards

Hi Ray,

Its all depends on how you are plugging and unplugging into the deivices your WIC and serial cables.

Infact nobody can tell this how long will it works. But to prolong the life of the cables you have to take extra precaution while plugging and plugout the cable. A skill and experts hands can prolonged this and no experience can bent the pins also.Regularly plug in/out may loose up or widen the contact surface.

BR // SS

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Serial Cards


We are trying to give the students the best possible experience, but we are starting to see the economic impact of going through cards. My short-term solution is to keep the cables installed in a traditional classroom lab "triangle" R1, R2, R3. It will allow the students to physically see the cabling, and help solve the issues we are dealing with.

Thanks again



Serial Cards

You might consider using a patch panel for this purpose. That should

elimintate the physical issues.

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