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Serial Traffic Rate

I have a 64Kbps Serial link on Router. Which according to me implies that traffic of 64kb can flow in 1 Second from one end to other.

But if my traffic is 40Kb or 60kb or any other vaue, then my Show Serial Interface output reflects 5 min Input/Output rate as 40kb/Sec or 60kb/sec.

I hope if traffic flows at rate of 64Kbps then the 40kb data should flow in msec. So why the output shows rate in second and not in msec.


Re: Serial Traffic Rate


The 5Min input and output rate are the average values calculated based on the traffic it sends and recieves via that particular interface.

AFAIK it does gives you the approx value of the traffic pattern being handled by that interface.

The normal default value is 5 mins in and out and it can be further changed upto 30 Seconds.

And the display does shows you the bits/second value which you can further calculate based on the input and output you are aware the values can be read either like 1000bits/sec as 1Kbps or 10000bits/sec as 10Kbps..


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Re: Serial Traffic Rate

But if that output shows bits/seconds values e.g 40kbps or 30kbps then it implies that 40k or 30k data is OUT/IN in a second. But that amount of data should take mseconds.

What does 64kbps link means to you?? If it reflects that 64kb data takes one second to transmit from one end to other then obviously the interface output/input rate should reflect value of 40kb data as 40kb/msec.

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