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Server Resources and Routing to Remote Sites - General Question


I was just wondering what is the best way to handle the following situation.

We have a main campus and about six remote locations. Five of the remote locations are connected to us via VPN links and the other by a dedicated leased line. All these locations access servers on the main campus network.

What I am curious about is that on each of the servers there has to be a static route added to the remote location in order for that location to be able to access the resources.

For example, one of our Citrix servers (which as an internal ip of has about six static routes added to its routing table, one to correspond to each location. Each location is connected by a different router. So for example here are two routes

route add mask (to remote site A)

route add mask (to remote site B)

This is the case on all our servers and these have to be manually updated anytime a router is changed.

I inherited this network from a previous network admin and was wondering is there a better way of handling all these routes rather than having numerous static routes added to all our servers? I'll attach a basic network diagram also.


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Re: Server Resources and Routing to Remote Sites - General Quest

drikilbride wrote:

What type of switch is at the main site in your diagram ?

If it a L3 switch then you should move all the routes to there and just have default-gateways on the servers.

Having to add routes to each server is not best practice and as you have found out is very admin intensive. What you need is for that switch in your diagram to be a L3 switch and then as i say you can use that to have all the routes on it.


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