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Setting priority on Cisco frame-relay

I have to configure an effective priority mechanism upon traffic moving out and coming in my company via my Cisco 1605 router over frame relay.

I only know basic cisco commands and I am not familiar with frame relay configuration. My frame relay has been confugured by a third party and is working fine.

I have tried to configure priority using the following commands:


ON MY SERIAL INTERFACE: priority-group 1

MY PRIORITY GROUP: priority-list 1 protocol ip high list 112


access-list 112 permit ip host A host B

access-list 112 deny ip any any


As you can guess I want traffic between the two public addresses A and B to be handled with top priority - where A is one of my IP addresses and B is on another network in another country. Ideally I would like to acheive full bandwidth when A is communicating with B, irrespective of other traffic going through my internet router.

However, the traffic does not seems to be what I want and I have the impression that my configuration might not be correct. I am browsing cisco docs and I can understand that there are 3 ways that I could go about this problem using these 3 different commands

1. frame-relay priority-group

2. frame-relay ip rtp priority

3. priority (which I am using)

Can someone advise which one is best suited for me? and how to configure?

That would be tremendous help.

Thanks in advance for your comments and advice.



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Re: Setting priority on Cisco frame-relay


which IOS do you have? you are using legacy qos (priority group).

If you can explain what you want to do, someone can suggest an current configuration with modular qos cli.

Consider that getting effective QoS to work on FR is not an easy task because of the pvc cir vs access speed, feedback from the network, it may take time to the optimum.

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Re: Setting priority on Cisco frame-relay

IOS Version: 12.0(6)

Basically I want to treat traffic to and from a specific IP on the internet with top priority. That is, traffic to that IP should take precedence, even at the expense of all other traffic flowing in and out of my router.

I hope that my requirement is clear now. This is very important to me and I hope to get a solution.

Thank you.


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