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Setting up an ADSL connection with a Cisco router

Hello, I'm currently studying for the CCENT and CCNA. I just got my first lab router which is a 831. I'd like to make it my gateway to the Internet so that I can practice NAT. I know I'll have to learn about all the commands to setup PPPoE, but first of all, how to I connect the router physically? The router has a RJ45 jack for the Internet and the phone jack is RJ11. What equipment would I need to make it work?

I do have an old SpeedStream modem which has a DHCP server and is able to store username and password. I have another even older SpeedStream modem which does not have a DHCP server and cannot store usernames and passwords and connects by creating a Broadband connection on Windows. I'm currently connected to the Internet using a Bell "router"/modem which has a DHCP server. It is currently on the network. I cannot set any routing protocol on that Bell "router", so it won't exchange any route with the 831 which is on both the and networks.

If I can't connect the 831 as a gateway to the Internet I guess I can use NAT overload on the 831 so that it translates addresses to one address which is kinda like a "public" address logically. However, that would be the last resort as I do wish to use the 831 as an Internet gateway.

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