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Setting up functional Cisco Lab for two internet connections?

I'm wondering what hardware / cables etc. I'm going to need to set up my own functional home CCIE lab. I've had experience with 2500 / 1900 series routers and switches, but I'm still pretty new to the 2600 / 2900 series routers and switches so I wanted to ask first :).

What I have now is one internet line coming in on cable through a cable modem, and one DSL line on the phone line obviously. I don't think there is any WIC that exists that would connect to a coaxial cable network or anything so I imagine I'd need some sort of ethernet port WIC to connect to it. Also, I know there are WIC-1ADSL, which I'm wondering if I can just connect that directly to the phone line to use the DSL.

Anyhow, I want the following. One 2621 using my cable internet access, connected to one 2950 switch for my LAN and all my home computers. The other 2621 to be connected to my DSL internet access, connected to a seperate 2950 switch, for my servers and such. I want both networks to be individual (my LAN to be using cable only, and my servers to be using DSL only), however, I want the networks to be connected, so I can transfer files on the LAN etc. back and forth between the networks. I'd imagine I'd need a WIC-1T for each router, and a cable to connect the two.

I'm just really looking for any help or advice here as to what I could / should do in this situation. I just really want a functional network that I can also play with and practise with.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Re: Setting up functional Cisco Lab for two internet connections

My Personal Lab consists of

6 2621

8 wic t1 cards

1 3550 switch


Back Bone routers

2520 BGP router

2523 frame relay

2514 BGP for BB2 BB3


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