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Setting up NAT on a 2611XM


Having been presented with a cisco 2611XM to configure and haveing never touched a cisco router before, I'm having a few problems.

The router will interface two seperate networks so people on one network can Remote Desktop into the other.

I have set up the outside onto the main network (network A) IP address

I have set up the inside onto the control network (network B) IP Address

The aim is for people on Network A to remote desktop (RD) to a server (PROPLUS) on Network B IP Address

With the gateway on both sides set to the router I can RD straight to PROPLUS no problem. Unfortunatly the gateway on all site PC's is set to the main site router which I have no access to and cannot change. Therefore I need to setup NAT on my router to forward port to This is something I have setup before on more basic routers and it works.

Using SDM I set up NAT on my router and it doesn't work. I try and RDC to which should pass me through to It trys for about 30s and then timesout.

Now with NAT set up and I try to RD to it doesn't work.

What do I need to do to get NAT working??


Re: Setting up NAT on a 2611XM

ip nat inside source static tcp 3389 3389

source interface

ip nat inside

destination interface

ip nat outside


Re: Setting up NAT on a 2611XM

Another possible option is that you could add a default route on your router pointing to the main router. Then you could point your workstations to your router. Any traffic not destined to the other interface would get bounced over to the main router.


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