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sh frame pvc

After changing from frame-relay to MPLS with our provider. I have noticed the routers are now getting an upwards of 200 pvc's when I do the show frame pvc command. I don't know if this is effecting the router in any way nor do I know where they are coming from. Is this a real concern? My provider is not helping. Please let me know if you have seen or resolved and issue like this before. Thanks

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Re: sh frame pvc

Hello Robert,

a feature that could multiply the number of PVCs is

Cisco Systems, Inc.

Cisco IOS Wide-Area Networking Configuration Guide, Release 12.4

Frame Relay PVC Bundles with QoS Support for IP and MPLS

here traffic to the same destination prefixes but belonging to different traffic classes (have different QoS marking like different DSCP and/or MPLS EXP) are sent on different PVCs so increasing the number of used DLCIs

in this case 200 should be number of remote site * number of classes (unlikely it is this)

or more simply the provider has configured more DLCI then the needed in the L2 transport service they use and so more then the strictly needed DLCIs are reported and signaled via LMI to your router.

with the frame-rel pvc

do you see user traffic for all the DLCIs or some of them just have the LMI keepalives (1 every 10 seconds).

compare sh frame-rel pvc and sh frame-rel lmi for the same PVC

if the router doesn't create automatically subinterfaces or mappings on the unwanted DLCIs /unused DLCI it shouldn't be an issue because no router resources are wasted with the exception of DLCI values themselves.

In any case I think ISP stuff should explain what they are doing.

Hope to help


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Re: sh frame pvc

Thanks for the information. I am trying to get answers from the ISP but no luck so far. The DLCI's are not on sub-interfaces and they are in an used state. I am also seeing dlci numbers that I never had in service. I am sure the ISP has provisioned the line wrong. Thanks again.

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