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shape average percent on different devices

Hello all,

I have set QoS up over many tunnel wan connections.  My problem:  Most of my tunnels are point-to-point wireless bridges that vary in bandwidth depending on the quality and distance of the shot.  To apply QoS to these interfaces at different bandwidths, I have to create multiple policy-maps on some devices.  I have two 3845s, one allows shape average percent on tunnels, the other does not. One running 15.0(1)M2and the other is 15.0(1)M3 IOS.  I have not been able to find why certain devices do not allow bandwidth percentages. I also can apply it to most of my 3825s, but not all.

Sample QoS configuration

class-map match-any VOICE-SIGNALING

match  dscp cs3

match  dscp af31

class-map match-all ROUTING-PROTOCOLS

match  dscp cs6

class-map match-all GOLD

match access-group name GOLD

class-map match-all GOLD-VOICE

match  dscp ef

match access-group name GOLD

class-map match-any SILVER-VOICE

match  dscp ef

policy-map QUEUEING-TO-WAN


   priority percent 10


   priority percent 5


   bandwidth remaining percent 4

   set dscp ef

class GOLD

   bandwidth remaining percent 50

class class-default


policy-map SHAPING-TO-WAN

class class-default

   shape average percent 99

   service-policy QUEUEING-TO-WAN

interface Tunnel100

description *** SAMPLE TUNNEL ***

bandwidth 8192

ip address

no ip redirects

no ip unreachables

no ip proxy-arp

ip mtu XXXX

ip tcp adjust-mss XXXX

load-interval 30

delay 100

qos pre-classify

tunnel source Serial0/2/1

tunnel destination

tunnel mode ipsec ipv4

tunnel protection ipsec profile SECURE

service-policy output SHAPING-TO-WAN


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Community Member

shape average percent on different devices

I just checked again, I also cannot apply shape average percent to a 3845 running 15.0(1)M2.

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shape average percent on different devices


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You likely answered you're own question, i.e. a feature unique to a later IOS version.  (I wasn't even aware this could be done, but then I have worked with any 15.x IOSs.)


Might be a good idea to add tunnel path-mtu-discovery to your tunnel interfaces and you shouldn't need qos pre-classify (unless your doing QoS on the physical interface too and you need to examine pre-tunnel IP header info).

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shape average percent on different devices

I agree with you about the IOS version, but why can I do it on a 3825 running 12.4.  I guess I just wanted to know when it was implemented and why it works on some routers.  It seems sporadic.

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