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Shaping or policing video-over-http on an ASR1001


We have a Cisco ASR1001 running 03.10.01.S (15.3(3)S1), license level advipservices.

The ASR1001 is used an internet edge router, and we'd like it to identify video streaming and make sure it doesn't exceed 1gbps of bandwidth (our connection to the internet is 2gbps).

To begin with, I have just tried to set up a performance monitor to see if I'm able to classify the data and how much bandwidth video-over-http is using at the moment.

Here is the config:

flow record type performance-monitor pmfr1

match ipv4 source address

match ipv4 destination address

match interface input

collect ipv4 protocol

collect transport source-port

collect transport destination-port

collect interface output

collect counter bytes long

collect counter packets long

collect timestamp sys-uptime first

collect timestamp sys-uptime last


flow exporter e1

destination vrf Mgmt-intf

source GigabitEthernet0

transport udp 2055



flow monitor type performance-monitor pmm1

record pmfr1

exporter e1


class-map match-any class1

match protocol video-over-http


policy-map type performance-monitor policy1

class class1

  flow monitor pmm1


interface Port-channel1.2

encapsulation dot1Q 2

vrf forwarding INTERNET

ip address

service-policy type performance-monitor input policy1


Now...this does not work. I can't see that I'm getting any flows there may be something wrong with the flow config, or maybe something wrong with the matching class or the policy.

Any ideas?

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