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Sharing Between Two Providers

Hello every body,

We have a client that want to have a sharing between two providers (Provider1 and Provider2), 50% of the Internet traffic on the provider1?s link, and 50% of the Internet traffic on the provider2?s link.

The sharing wanted must guarantee the backup in both directions; out from the client to Internet and in from Internet to the client.

I give an example; the client will have a domain name like and mail users like, ?

The goal of the solution is; if the provider1?s link go down, and the provider2?s link is OK, the client must stay connected to the Internet and still receive mails from Internet.

So, I think that there is one solution for that client, he has to have an AS public number.

I want to know if there are other solutions or similar designs for some others clients.

Thank you for any response (And excuse may bad Engish).

Mostafa CHAKIR

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Re: Sharing Between Two Providers

Mostafa, yes, having AS number and BGP with the ISP would solve all the requirements you mentioned.

However, depending on your location, the above may be very difficult or expensive to obtain.

In that case, the most you can do is a NAT to both providers to allow traffic "inside to outside" even if one ISP fails.

For "outside to inside" like web server, that does not give you a solution, however I think that when high reliability and performance is wanted, is better to give external services to a reputable hosting site.

Hope this helps, please rate post if it does!

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Re: Sharing Between Two Providers


What Firewall you are using?

Most of the firewall now a days are capable of doing load balance & fail over.

typically they do it on Hide NAT.

For incoming traffic you can check for dynamic DNS setting.

Hope this info is useful to you.

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Re: Sharing Between Two Providers

Thank you for your responses

I think the only solution will be the BGP peering, even the DynDns can solve the IP address changing; the DNS server can?t not advertise the same domain name over two ISP.

Best regards

Mostafa CHAKIR

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