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Simple QoS problem


I try to configure QoS on my router. My configuration is very simple but I have a little problem I dont understand.

First step, I use an ACL to match packets and set DSCP to af41 :

access-list 101 permit tcp any any eq 3389

access-list 101 permit tcp any any eq 22

class-map match-all MarkRDP

match access-group 101

policy-map ClassificationQoS

class MarkRDP

  set ip dscp af41

interface GigabitEthernet0/1.101

encapsulation dot1Q 101

ip address

ip nat inside


service-policy input ClassificationQoS

My conf is correct, it's working :

#sh policy-map interface Gi0/1.101


  Service-policy input: ClassificationQoS

    Class-map: MarkRDP (match-all)

      10050 packets, 825827 bytes

      5 minute offered rate 4000 bps, drop rate 0 bps

      Match: access-group 101

      QoS Set

        dscp af41

          Packets marked 7021

    Class-map: class-default (match-any)

      56700 packets, 7301625 bytes

      5 minute offered rate 43000 bps, drop rate 0 bps

      Match: any

Second step, I try to regulate the output bandwidth for af41 on Dialer0 (my ADSL link) :
class-map match-all MatchRDP
match ip dscp af41
policy-map RegulationTrafic
class MatchRDP
  bandwidth percent 5
class class-default
  random-detect precedence 6 30 40 4
interface Dialer0
bandwidth 768
bandwidth receive 3776
ip nat outside
service-policy output RegulationTrafic
But that don't work, allways 0 pkts mached :
#sh policy-map interface Dialer0
  Service-policy output: RegulationTrafic
    Class-map: MatchRDP (match-all)
      3090 packets, 229558 bytes
      5 minute offered rate 2000 bps, drop rate 0 bps
      Match: ip dscp af41 (34)
        Output Queue: Conversation 267
        Bandwidth 5 (%)
        Bandwidth 38 (kbps)Max Threshold 64 (packets)
        (pkts matched/bytes matched) 0/0
        (depth/total drops/no-buffer drops) 0/0/0
Whhhhhhhhyyyyyy ?

Re: Simple QoS problem

This does appear to be working.  The class map 'MatchRDP' is matching traffic as demonstrated by the 3090 packets in line 4 of the 'show policy-map interface dialer 0' output.

CBWFQ engages when there is congestion.  If there isn't any congestion the queuing counters at the bottom of the output will not increase.


Re: Simple QoS problem

Is your layer 2 encap ppp ?

Could you post a sh run of the interfaces and the complete dialer config ?

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