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Site to Site compression

I have a branch office that has extremely low connectivity and I wanted to see would link compression give me any more bandwidth or should I implement another cisco device at the site to help improve bandwidth congestion and what kind of device would I need. Could I use the cisco 800 series router or the 1800 series.

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Re: Site to Site compression

Both routers should support compression. Check well that your traffic is compressible because compression often does not produces the expected results and you may be disappointed. In that case is better to investigate on caching solution or get a faster circuit.

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Re: Site to Site compression


AFAIK you are not going to get more bandwidth by doing compression.

Whatever bandwidth is subscribed at present will be still available/applicable but you will be sending compressed packets either using header compression or payload compression.

As a general recommendations you can go ahead with compression when you are having link bandwidth lesser than 768K which is termed as low bandwidth link.

Also you should take care of the CPU/RAM capability to handle the compression technique which you are going to use.

You need to make sure that your distant too is configured and supports compression.

You need to have identical compression technique being deployed on both the end to avoid any clash.


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