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skype file transfer exceedingly slow over WAN as well as on LAN


We have Cisco 2951 router. And every one in office are using skype for calls,video conferencing and for file transfer. And we have one VLAN1 and around 200 people will be using internet at a time (ISP= 45Mbps Lease Line).

When we do file transfer over the internet it is pathetic and it is the same when we do file transfer over the LAN.... Can some one help please as we are using skype for production...

Oh and when we check it on our backup router ASA5510 it is much faster ...

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Hey Team,There are two parts

Hey Team,

There are two parts of your issue:

1. File transfer over LAN is slow.

2. File transfer over WAN is slow.

Now I would like to know when you replace 2951 with 5510;

1. Does the file transfer over LAN improves?

2. Does the file transfer over WAN also improves?

Moreover when did you first see this issue?



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Hi Rajeevsh,thank you helping

Hi RS,

thank you for helping mi out...

Well it came to my attention last weekend... not sure how long its been as we recently deploy the ISR

and yes.. when i move traffic to ASA5510 both LAN and WAN file transfer using skype increase..

and today i found this not sure if its a good idea to try it out.... as the configuration on both ASA5510 and ISR2951 are more or less the same...





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