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sla command and track object v12.4(15)

Hi all,

I have upgraded my cisco router 857 to version 12.4(15)T3.

And when I try to use the track command it doesn't recognise it:

C857(config)#track 1 rtr 1 reachability


% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.


I have created a sla object:

ip sla 1

icmp-echo X.X.X.X source-interface Dialer0

timeout 3000

threshold 3

frequency 3

ip sla schedule 1 life forever start-time now

And I would like to use it to check the default route:

ip route dialer0 track 1

But I don't know how to associate sla 1 with track 1 in this new version since the router doens't recognise track command.

Could anyone help me?

Thanks and Regards, Fernando.

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Re: sla command and track object v12.4(15)

That's odd. I checked the Feature Navigator and IOS documentation and track is supported on that IOS.

I don't have that equipment with me but I have a router with 12.4(17) and it works quite well.

Can you walk us thru the online help?

How about typing track ? and post what's displayed ?

Proceed with the online help until you complete the entire command.




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Re: sla command and track object v12.4(15)

Hi Edison,

The problem is that track command isn't on the online help, it is unrecognized:

C857(config)#track ?

% Unrecognized command



Configure commands:

aaa Authentication, Authorization and Accounting.

access-list Add an access list entry


subscriber-policy Subscriber policy

table-map Configure Table Map

tacacs-server Modify TACACS query parameters

template Select a template to configure

tftp-server Provide TFTP service for netload requests

time-range Define time range entries

username Establish User Name Authentication

vc-group Define a Frame Relay VC group



Really strange.

Regards, Fernando.

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Re: sla command and track object v12.4(15)

That's the list of commands available to you from the online help ?

Can you type show priv and post its output?

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Re: sla command and track object v12.4(15)


There is more commands, I only pasted the related part of the list, just to show you that track isn't in the list.

C857#show privilege

Current privilege level is 15


The privileges are not the problem, it seems like if track command will not be able to be configured but when I add a route I can use a track object, really odd.

C857(config)#ip route dialer 0 ?

<1-255> Distance metric for this route

A.B.C.D Forwarding router's address

DHCP Default Gateway obtained from DHCP

name Specify name of the next hop

permanent permanent route

tag Set tag for this route

track Install route depending on tracked item

C857(config)#ip route dialer 0 track ?

<1-500> tracked object number

C857(config)#ip route dialer 0 track

I can use track objects but I can't create them. :-(


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Re: sla command and track object v12.4(15)

Not sure what else to suggest other than trying another code or opening a TAC case.



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