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SLOW DSL Speeds with Centurytel (MO)


I have posted about this before (forgot the post) and am pretty new to cisco, so bear with me.

I wanted to get my CCNA cert, so I started classes and picked up a 1751 and started playing. It took me a couple of days to find an example of using the router with a WIC-1ENET card to hook up to DSL modem and use pppoe login. I had at the time a 10mb account, but only able to get 6 (either router - had linksys wrt54g). Eventually the service increased and I was getting about 8-8.5mb on my cisco. One day we had a bad storm, and afterwards no DSL. Centurytel techs came and replaced my modem and said I was getting the full 10Mb out of the modem directly, and I was then back online, but only getting very erratic 256K-1.5M. I was able to switch to my linksys and got 10mb. Thought the storm fried my card or router or something, so I got 2 cisco WIC-1ENET cards and a 1760 for replacement.

I poped new cards into each router and configured them for DSL pppoe. NO CHANGE! Either router - still getting very erratic, very slow speeds. I've tried all combinations of powering the modem and router, and reset modem hundreds of times. I've even gotten another new modem and tested with my friend's modem, and would finally get a good solid 8-8.5Mb connection - like 1 in every 50 times of rebooting everything (mainly modem). The times I finally did get a good connection on the ciscos was p/c the modem. I figured Ethernet overhead on full-duplex WIC-1ENET would only max about 8.5Mb for connection. Well, I lost power a few times and have yet to get another good connection on the cisco routers.

I'm confident the hardware is good (modem and router hardware). DSL modem is westell 6100 for Centurytel (Missouri) btw. I've called in to tech support numerous times getting the run around. I've posted before, and people have had me post debug scripts and said everything was fine. I've had my professor at the college and people in the forum say there was nothing wrong with my configuration and my professor could see nothing wrong with the hardware (even the very 1st WIC-1ENET card), yet I get very erratic, slow speeds from 256Kbs-3Mbs connection from DSL modem with any/all cisco hardware I have - 1751, 1760, 3 genuine cisco WIC-1ENET cards, yet my linksys will get the full 10Mbs connection.

Can anyone please help me with this, there are certain things like easy vpn server and other things having my cisco be the gateway router that I can't learn because of this.


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Re: SLOW DSL Speeds with Centurytel (MO)

Anyone have any ideas???

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