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New Member

small network config problem

We have a small network config problem with IP addresses or the routing table..we're not sure where the error is and would appreciate any help or suggestions. I'm sure it's something dumb like a class b or c address conflict. You can see our setup on the attached bmp image. thanks so much. any questions let me know -


Re: small network config problem

Please try to use JPG or GIF for the is too big. ;)

I am not sure I understood the config and diagram correctly.

According to the IP address assignement, it is fine and no conflict, due to all are 24 bits mask w/o overlapped each other.

According to the routing, the LHS Linksys do not have the GW for the, please add it back.

I believe the 192.168.1/2.0 are the LAN segment. Can you tell how two Linksys to link together ? By LAN, by WAN, which WAN, what media, is WAN using LAN connection too ?

And, what is the exact problem ? Can't route, can go outside, etc. ?

Hope this helps.

Re: small network config problem


Kindly explain more regarding your network setup. The diagram is not clear.

What are those devices and ??

what is the device represented by and, which are configured as default gateway in those devices ?

The device on the right hand side has the following entry in the routing table -> 1 hop ->

Whereas the device on the left hand side has no specific route to

It has the following entry -> 3 Hop -> WAN

Are these devices running any routing protocol? Looks like the device on the left hand side is not learning a proper route to the network

Also on both these devices the default gateway are not the same( and Why is it so???

Check proper routing entries no the devices and and ensure that these devices have routing entries to reach and properly.

Hope this helps.


New Member

Re: small network config problem

Alright I apologize I didn't give enough details. The network config diagram shows two pc's on each side, connected via CAT5 ethernet cable to a router on each side, and the routers connected to the access point via CAT5 ethernet cable on each side. Now the access points talk to each other wirelessly, and currently we can talk from left PC all the way across the network to the right side router. We can do the same on the other side. But we cannot seem to connect from left pc to the right pc. we only get as far as the router. So as far as that goes, our routing tables are complete and allow us talking across. I was thinking it was a subnet issue or something.




Re: small network config problem

Thanks for the info.

Just as I mentioned before, the gateway for subnet at LHS router is missing. Just configure for this subnet. i.e. configure a static route for at LHS router.

You can remove the 'advanced routing' for at LHS router. I believe unless you also enable this 'advanced routing' at RHS router then they can talk to each other, otherwise, just use static route is fine.

The IP addressing & mask is ok.

Hope this solve the problem.

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