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Smallest Cisco devices which can be used to test MTU over 1500 in routing or in mgmt 0 interface

I have to do some labs for proving Jumbo MTU delivery in Multiple Cisco aggrecation switches (like Nexus 5548es with 22xx modules etc )...

I do not need to measure maxium bandwith they provide (already done those tests some time ago)..

I have already looked and (tried to) configure for Cisco ASA 5505, 5510, 5515, Variety models of the Lan swithes, 2950, 2960, 3560,...) as well as some older laptops (with linuxes) if they support as a routable interface (or management interface mgmt0) jumbo MTUs, but most of them do not allow to configure large MTUs than 1500 in their L3 interfaces (like mgmt0 or in svi, or routable interfaces).

So my question is: What are the smallest cisco devices, can be configured to use MTU larger than 1500  either in routing or in management interfaces? (I'm interesting to test with ethernet frames ~1550, ~2200 and > 8200 bytes).

Or should I use Catalyst 6500's adv.ip routing swithces as a ip frame generators (I have some ios 4507 and 6509 also available, but carry them into small lab just for testing some frame delivery issues, does not make sense, if there is any smaller boxes can be used).

Hope, someone can help with this "not so very common" question to point me out a cheap and 1 RU box, which can be configured to generate larger frames (> 1528 bytes)...

Rgds, Pekka

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