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SNAsw vs DLSW+ questions

We are going to implement a new project for a bank so I wanted to ask you the following:

1) Do Cisco routers have the capability to support Enterprise Extender termination? What I mean is if we can terminate the SNAsw traffic coming from Branches (utilizing BE routers), directly on a router at the head-end offices.

2) The case with this Bank is that they have ATMs that are connected to routers via SNA-SDLC connection and at the moment the traffic is switched utilizing DLSW+.

The ATM traffic is terminated directly at a TANDEM switch.

Is there a possibility to use SNAsw for this traffic? Or the only way to pass the SNA-SDLC traffic is Dlsw+?

If we can use SNASw for the above situation, I would be more than grateful if you could send me some information and perhaps some setup examples regarding the routers configuration.

Thank you

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Re: SNAsw vs DLSW+ questions

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