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SOHO 97 Uplink Bandwidth Control

Here's the situation: I have a Cisco SOHO 97 ADSL router connected to BellSouth as my ISP, using PPPoA. NAT, speed, access-lists are all good. The trouble I have is during a bulk upload from one of the LAN clients. Basically, is saturates the uplink preventing any UDP or small ACK TCP packets getting sent. I'm running IOS 12.4(6)T which seems to have the most QoS features to date for this hardware.

I'm not entirely sure if there are enough features to do what I'm after, so it may just not be possible. I'd like to keep bulk TCP traffic in an outbound queue as long as possible so that any TCP ACKs or UDP packets can move to the head of the queue and be sent. I don't need full traffic shaping or really even traffic policing. I just need a way to push more important traffic ahead of bulk traffic.

If anyone would like to help me tackle this, I'd be much appreciative.


Re: SOHO 97 Uplink Bandwidth Control

Hello Matt,

Just curious, this is happening for 1 single customer?

for what I've seen this router can do enough QOS to control traffic inside your network.

Not sure if this will help, as I'm far from being a QOS expert or anything.

but, you could try to shape the traffic from this single customer and allow the rest of the traffic to flow freely.

So, you'd mark traffic from the customer and than shape only this traffic out.

check one example of QOS in this router:


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Re: SOHO 97 Uplink Bandwidth Control

Thanks for the reply,

Funny about the link you sent me--I had done almost the exact thing by hand before I saw it.

Problem with it is: At the CLI it accepts the "shape average" command, but when you do a "show running-config", it's gone from the policy-map.

SO... I suspect the IOS 12.4(6)T that's coded for the SOHO 97 has stripped the guts of this command out and left the CLI option in.

I have the rest of "CBTS for LLQ" in my config, but without the "shape" command, I'd have to rely on the "interface rate-limit" command and I'm not real clear on how to do that yet.

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