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Solution help required on Cisco 1812

Hi all!

I have to admit that I've greatly underestimated the task of programming of a CISCO device. well, I have a 1812 router with two external ethernet interfaces, wich connect to two different ISP-s, one connection is a directly routed link for a leased line kind service, the other has an ADSL subscription.

The router's first WAN interface (FE0) is in the subnet x.y.z.240/28, the LAN (VLAN1) interface (wich is a DMZ) also has an internet ip subnet x.y.z.224/28.

The other WAN interface (FE1) has to connect to a different ISP via PPOE DSL link. There is only one dinamically assigned IP address on that interface (say k.l.m.n) so NAT/PAT must be activated on that path.

I have to accomplish the following goals:

- OUTGOING traffic has to be balanced (at least on a round-robin kind of way)

- Different IP services have to be published from the DMZ zone on both WAN connections, FE0 is routed, FE1 must use PAT to accomplish that goal.

- Answers for the incomming requests on different WAN interfaces must go out on the path where the query arrived.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and sample configurations are always wellcome!

Many thanks in forward,

Arnold Domschitz


Re: Solution help required on Cisco 1812

see if the following link for the configuration guide provides some help :

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