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Some important Question?????


I wan some refferences from the internet plz help me out... ??

i want to put this question here but put it int firwalling sorry for that)

1) defination of bandwidth..

2) defference between L2 and L3

3) load balaning to WAN conventions.

4) Screaming Router

5) Ip splicing/hijacking

6)can we block traogan horse from router ???

waiting for ur response.

thanks and regards

Community Member

Re: Some important Question?????


i got ans to some of ur query

1) B.W is defined as in a digital communication system, bandwidth has a dual meaning. In the technical sense, it is slang for baud, the rate at which symbols may be transmitted through the system. It is also used to describe channel capacity, the rate at which bits may be transmitted through the system.

2) L2 means datalink layer and l3 means network layer.

l2 u will find mac address

l3 u will find IP address

l2 device is for eg a switch coz it can read the mac add info in the packet

l3 device is a router as it can read the ip datagram

3) load balanacing as used in case of ISDN to share load beth for eg 2 B channels when it exceeds certain threshold.

6) if u know port number u can block to some extent

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