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some trace route for public internet not working in BGP PBR

Dear support,

I have an issues of trace route from my pc to public internet through  bgp router  configured PBR and without firewall in between to the service provider..

problems is when we trace route to public internet some sites working fine(means giving the trace) which is in locally in the  routing table in the bgp router and  whichever not in the local table like other website is not giving traceroute from my pc.

please note i cannot debug ip policy because its carrying  huge traffic and will affect the router.

interface GigabitEthernet0/0/0

description Direct_Test

ip address <ip address defined>

no ip directed-broadcast

ip policy route-map TEST

Ip access-list ext TEST

permit ip host <ip address> any

Route-map TEST

match ip address TEST

Set ip next-hop <fisrt service provider ip> <standby service provider ip>

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some trace route for public internet not working in BGP PBR

If we had more information about your environment we might better understand the problem and be able to give you better answers. As a start what is the topology of the network? On which interface of the router does your traffic arrive? On which interface of the router is first provider located and on which interface is the second provider located?

Can you post the output of show route-map from the router?



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