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source NAT bi-directional configuration confirmation needed


I have a need to build a NAT policy to handle bidirectional communications between a host behind my DMZ and an internal host. Once an hour, the host behind my DMZ ( initializes a connction to an inside device. Likelise, whenever there is activity on my inside device (inside local: / DMZ Global this will provoke a communication to the native IP of the host behind the DMZ ( ALl is working fine now but I have a need to source translate the source)

There is an .INI file on the inside device containing the native IP of the host behind my DMZ, and I need to change this value to However, I can 't accmplish this in one day so I'm trying to figure out a way to facilitate both native and NAT on the source DMZ host. (note: I have static routes for the Native IP back to my DMZ. The NAT IP of is in my routing table)

I've come up with this configuration and from the looks of it, testing with sniffer and packet-tracer this sees to be working. However, I'm being told that data is not arriving into DMZ host Please check the below and tell me if this makes sense.

(Addresses have been changed to protect the innocent)



To handle source translation at PIX-DMZ going to inside interface when session is initiated from the lower level interface.

global (inside) 101 netmask

nat (DMZ) 101 access-list NAT_DMZ_TO_INSIDE outside

access-list NAT_DMZ_TO_INSIDE extended permit ip any

To handle source translation at the PIX-inside going to DMZ interface when session is initiated from the higher level interface.

static (inside,DMZ) netmask

static (inside,DMZ) netmask

static (inside,DMZ) netmask

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Re: source NAT bi-directional configuration confirmation needed


Think you may need to explain this a little better.

You have multiple NAT statements here and i can't really tell which is designed to do what ie.

static (inside,DMZ) netmask

this will translate to as the packet goes from inside to DMZ

static (inside,DMZ) netmask

this will leave untranslated the source address of all packets on the inside with an address of 172.31.45.x as they travel to the dmz

static (inside,DMZ) netmask

this translates the source IP of packets coming from on the inside to a new IP of But isn't on the inside ??

Please could you list out exactly what you want to happen ie.

packet direction, original IP and Natted IP whether that is source or destination IP.


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Re: source NAT bi-directional configuration confirmation needed

Hi Jon,

first off

static (inside,DMZ) netmask

This s/b (DMZ,inside) since this public IP is behind the DMZ interface.

Let me try to explain my case in verbiage. Our contracted payroll service is behind our DMZ. In this example their payrill time clock poller IP is They hit my DMZ interface and I destination NAT into my inside local IP of The poll interval is every 60 minutes. The poll just checks to see if the time clock is there and online.

From the inside:

When employees punch, the time clock initiates a tcp connection to native IP IP. Each time clock has a .INI file that contains the poller server IP of I have static routes from this inside remote office bringing the src: dst: back to my PIX.

Currently this works fine.

Now I want to masquerade into when the poller initiates form the DMZ, but being that I have a ton of time clocks on the inside, when I ask the payroll service vendor to push a new .INI to the time clocks, the old and new configurations will work so that I can systematically change the .INI files over the course of a few days.

whew, and confusing..!


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