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Speedup failover switchover

I have several remote sites that I want to set up in the

following way, I have it set up in a lab now:

The primary is connected via MPLS and is using OSPF for connectivity to the HQ


The secondary has a VPN connection to the Internet as a failover connection.

Both connections are always up.

When the primary fails, it seems to take about two minutes before the switchover provides connectivity back via the VPN connection using RIP. When the

connection to the MPLS cloude is re-established, it takes about 3 minutes to

connect via OSPF.

Keep in mind this is a lab situation and has not been implemented just yet,the

configs are provided for the remote lab sites.

I would like the switch over to take only 10 seconds or so both ways, can this

be done?

If both connections are up all the time, it seems it should switch faster,

unless the routers have to let the routes die and repopulate with the other


Would this be the reason it is taking so long?

Is this what I should expect as far as efficient failover?

What can I do to speed this up?

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Re: Speedup failover switchover

forgot the configs

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