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Splitting a WAN connection

I want to thank everyone for looking at this question and helping me try to answer this.  What I am trying to do is split a WAN connection between two buildings to carry a signal from my 2112 wireless controller to a 1041 wireless access point.  I am going through two different ISP's but the way it is set up now everything works fine.  I have a 3560 switch at one end of the WAN connection and a 2811 router at the other end.  The other building has to come back the the HQ for all purposes, (internet, resources, servers).  What I am trying to do is put a SF302-08P switch infront of the router so the controller can see the AP in the other building.  If you need more information please let me know.

Thank You

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Splitting a WAN connection

Define "split" your WAN connection. Are you just trying to SHARE your internet connection between buildings in a manner where both buildings appear to be logically seperated by routing different subnets?

If so, simply add a seconday public IP block to the WAN connection, route it to the other building.  If you're worries about equipment visibility to your internal network, you can easily setup the new IP block to a VLAN and trunk the connection of WIFI to the other side, keeping your network equipment on one VLAN and the end-user connections on the new ISP block VLAN


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Splitting a WAN connection

Your right split is wrong, I want to SHARE the internet connection between the two.  The wireless controllor already has it's own VLAN and DHCP server, all I want to do is transmit the information over the WAN connection.  I have a seperate subnet for each building.  I want to do this infront of the router or before it gets to the router.  I don't think I should have to add a public IP block to do this.


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