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SR520W How to turn off DHCP

We are configuring our first SR520W. This is going into an established environment which already has a dhcp. We cannot find the command or the the location in the CCA to disable it. We would like to know the answer to both if possible. Can anyone help?

Cisco Employee

Re: SR520W How to turn off DHCP

if my understanding is correct.. we have a SR520W and it has the DHCP pool configured.. Since we are integrating the same in to the enterprise network which alreayd has the DHCP pool.. now we need to disable the pool which is on the SR520W right??

if that is the case..

i request you to get the telnet access to the switch and issue the command..

switch# sh run

and remove the DHCP related commands by using NO command..

or.. if you could paste the dhcp pool config here.. i could help you out.



Cisco Employee

Re: SR520W How to turn off DHCP

It does not appear that you can use CCA to disable the dhcp pool.

In order to remove the DHCP server from the router you can use the
commands "no ip dhcp pool ".  You can view this
configuration by doing a "show run" once you telnet to the
router. To get into configuration mode use the command "conf t".

Log into the router using the credentials you assigned.

#sh run


#conf t
#no ip dhcp pool
#ctrl z
#wr mem

New Member

Re: SR520W How to turn off DHCP

Hi Todd,

Let me take a shot at this...

Now there are two possible scenarios here....

1. You want this device to have nothing to do with DHCP at all i.e. you neither want the SR520 to behave as a DHCP server nor pass DHCP relays towards another DHCP server.... or in other words You bascially want to turn off DHCP

For the above...

Just go into config mode

conf t

no service dhcp

Please note - the above command would completely remove the DHCP service from this router making it incapable of even forwarding DHCP relay to another server.

2. You want this device to no behave as a 'DHCP server' but you'd like it to act as a forwarding agent for another DHCP server.

To do this simply add the line on the interface that is facing your inside clients.

ip helper-address a.b.c.d (Where a.b.c.d is the ip address of your DHCP) server.

I think you probably want to do option 2 but I just thought I let you know about both cases.

Feel free to let me know if you need anything else.

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