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SSG redundancy

I am working on the refresh of the guest internet network project. In our network, two 7301 routers (7301-A & 7301-B) are configured as SSG routers, and two Broadhop servers are used for the service servers. Currently, 7301-B is turned off because it is not able to share the host table with 7301-A. When a host has been authenticated through 7301-A, if the next packet goes through 7301-B, it will ask for authentication again. Is there any way these two 7301 can share the host table so that we can have redundancy on SSG, whenever one SSG router is off, the other one will pick up right away? How can we configure them for SSG redundancy?


Re: SSG redundancy

For the load balancing for the SSG , Interface or IP address configured in this task must be the same as the interface or IP address configured on the load-balancing device under the server configuration. The load balancer uses this information to identify which server the weight was received from. If the interface or IP address is not the same as that configured on the load balancer, the weight information will not be associated with the correct SSG.

Follow the steps for the configuration :

1. enable

2. configure terminal

3. ssg enable

4. ssg dfp weight weight

5. ssg dfp ip {interface | ip-address}

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