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Standard Access-list

i have a question.....suppose i have a two ethernets one is and the other is i want to restrict 1.0 network going to 2.0 network (any service complete deny) i would use standard access-list now when i create access list it would be like

router(config)# Access-list 1 deny now the wild card would be what i know it would be so if i write what would happen is it fine as well or not????? secondly what is the rule for access list i mean the placement of access list like near to destination source etc....thanks in advance

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Re: Standard Access-list

Firstly you should never use the wild card unless trying to deny a specific host. Standard access lists are always put next to the destination as outbounds.If you trying to deny 1.0,this is how your configuration would be like,router(config)#access list 1 deny now remember the explicit deny any rule..?change that to access list 1 permit any and place this closest to the destination as an outbound.

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Re: Standard Access-list


agreed on all points, except it would be placed closest to the dest 'inbound'. Outbound would never match the source as it would be comming from the network.



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Re: Standard Access-list

If you're on the network, you can setup the access list like this:

router(config)# access-list 10 deny log

router(config)# access-list 10 permit any log

Apply the "ip access-group 10 in" to the serial interface of the router on the network.

Without the "permit any", you'll lose access to the router on network once you apply the access-list to the serial interface.

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