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Stateful NAT, is this still available in IOS-XE for AS1000-RP2

I have a requirement for a NAT solution to use and StatefulNAT looks a good fit. The application is for NAT support on redundant links into a service layer, currently the customer has two routers providing NAT, with no sharing of NAT state information.

So if path 1 to the DC via a NAT router fails trafic falls over to path 2 into the same DC via a seperate NAT router, and of course all the sessions need rebuilding.

Reading up on Stateful NAT it seems that it would offer seamless failover as the NAT state is replicated between the two routers. However there seems to be a question over its continued support on IOS-XE, has it been renamed or is this feature getting binned?

If its on the way out then what replaces it, I see there is an option for High Availabilty NAT, but it doesnt seem to offer the stateful support.

So what other options are there, if no stateful suport then we will have to live with it.


Cisco Employee

Stateful NAT, is this still available in IOS-XE for AS1000-RP2

Hi Andy,

Cisco has announced end of life for SNAT couple years ago, so ASR 1k doesnt support this feature.

In the newer IOS XE release, you can do inter-chassis redundancy NAT. It supports NAT with asymmetric routing and high availability.


Lei Tian

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