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Static Nats with multihome environment

I am looking for examples or assistance on a Cisco 1811 please with static NATs.

I have three ISPs (T1, DSl1, and DSL2) and several statically NATted Web servers, and mail servers (each with a unique IP address). The problem is that traffic comes in on the link from the T1, for example, and can go back out on any of the three links. I want to reverse map the outbound traffic so that it goes back out on the same link *and address* it came in on since there are several virtual IP addresses involved.

I am not sure route maps will work since the do not specify the source address used in the return packet, or can they?

Any ideas? thanks!


VIP Purple

Re: Static Nats with multihome environment

Hello Dan,

you might want to look into adding route maps to your static NAT entries for your web and email servers as following:

ip nat inside source static route-map TO_ISP_1

ip nat inside source static route-map TO_ISP_2

ip nat inside source static route-map TO_ISP_3


access-list 101 permit ip

access-list 102 permit ip

access-list 103 permit ip


route-map TO_ISP_1 permit 10

match ip address 101

set ip next-hop X.X.X.X (next hop for ISP 1)


route-map TO_ISP_2 permit 10

match ip address 102

set ip next-hop Y.Y.Y.Y (next hop for ISP 2)


route-map TO_ISP_3 permit 10

match ip address 103

set ip next-hop Z.Z.Z.Z (next hop for ISP 3)


interface Serial1/0

description T1 Link To ISP_1

ip address X.X.X.X A.A.A.A

ip nat outside


interface ATM0/1

description DSL Link To ISP_2

ip address Y.Y.Y.Y B.B.B.B

ip nat outside


interface ATM1/0

description DSL Link To ISP_3

ip address Z.Z.Z.Z C.C.C.C

ip nat outside


interface FastEthernet0/1

ip address

ip nat inside

Obviously the IP addresses used are likely not yours, but you get the concept.

Can you try this and see if it works ?



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