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Static Route load balancing path selection

Dear all,

Let say in a layer 3 switch we have two same static routes with the default same AD doing the path load balancing, example :-

ip route

ip route

:: whereby is the Router A and is the Router B, both going into the same network cloud.

We all know that that both routes will get installed into the routing table, and it will be the switching process that do the load-sharing which is the cef and by default it is a per destination load-shares (src-dst IP pair)


My question is how can I know which path is being use for a particular session pair ? such as if we have source A,B and destination C,D and some scenario such as the below :-

- A to C will use the first path (Router A)

- A to D will use the second path (Router B)

- B to C will use the second path (Router B)

- B to D will use the first path (Router A)


So how can I determine which path a src-dst pair will take and selected ? can we get the table information on all this details ? if src A to dst C use the first path, it will always be persistent for this pair right ?


Sorry for my bad English and thanks in advance smiley



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 I can try to perform the


I can try to perform the trace-route from workstation A to workstation C or any trace-route between the workstations, but it couldn't show and reveal which path it choose and taken from the outputs. sad

According to my point of view

According to my point of view you can analyze with extended ping with record route option.


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Hi Wai Wai, You can check the

Hi Wai Wai,


You can check the output packet rate of output interface after the ping from source to destination.once the ping completes check out on which interface the output packet rate got increased.Thus you can determine the path.Just try it ..perhaps it may help you..




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