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Static Route on ISP router


I am having an issue in my network where i cant access my internal network from out (Internet).

My network topology is as follow.


PC 1 uses a Public IP ADDRESS

The Link between R1 and R2 is Privately addressed.

Also the link between R2 and R3 is also on a private address range.

Link between R3 and Internet is Public and i can reach the interface on R3 pointing to the internet.

R3 is configured with NAT.

PCA uses public Address which is routed thru a private network to the internet router R3 configured with nat.

From PCA i can go to the internet. But i would like to accesss PCA from the Internet.

I am thinking it is the NAT that is blocking. Because from the Internet i cant even Ping PCA.

I only have default routes on the routers R1 R2 and R3 to the internet router.

How can i reverse, because i am think static routes would help.

Any suggestion.

Cisco Employee

Re: Static Route on ISP router

Hi Friend,

I believe you need a add a route for PCA Public ip address on R3 pointing it back to R2 and then on R2 same route pointing it back to R1 and R1 must already be knowing that route as PC1 is directly connected to R1.

Try adding these static route and update if it worked for you.



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