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Static route problem


I am having problem with static routing.

I have two router connected from yangon to singapore.

For Yangon router, 1 serial (, 1 fe port (

For SG router, 1 se and 1 fe.

My problem here is I connected one PC to Yangon router fe port via switch and assign same subnet with router fe port.

Then, I try to ping Yangon fe port and se port. ok...

But i can not ping to sg router serial port. I did routing in sg router and i could not figure out what is the problem. i already check access list as well there is no deny for echo reply.

Any idea?


Re: Static route problem

How are the two locations/routers connected ?

Any VPN?

Re: Static route problem

Are the two router Serial interface connected to internet?

Does the routers have default route to your upstream next-hop?

From Yangon router, are you able to ping SG router?

Your problem could be router configuration (i.e. NAT) since you try to ping SG router from PC.

Can you post the two router config?

New Member

Re: Static route problem

Thanks for the reply.

Let's Yangon Router

My private ip are

My public ip is 203.x.x.x.

what is is the syntax for NAT?

I already configure interfaces for nat inside and nat outside.

But I do not know what is the command and syntax for doing nat.

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Re: Static route problem

NAT stand for Network address translation.

since you configure nat inside and nat outside,

you just do one in your Yangon router's exec conf mode .

access-list 5 permit

Ip nat inside source list 5 interface serial1 overload

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