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Static route redistribution problems when migrating EIGRP ASNs

We are in the process of moving from one EIGRP ASN number to a new ASN. I'm having an issue between two distribution switches and a wan aggregate router. The distribution switches only have one old EIGRP ASN number link left (to the wan router). These distribution switches are also redistributing static routes. When we change the link(s) on the distribution switches to the wan router to the new EIGRP ASN we don't see the static routes making it into the wan router's topology table, all the dynamic routes from the new EIGRP ASN are in the wan router's topology table. I know the distribution switches are redistributing the static routes to the other routers off these distribution switches running the new EIGRP ASN. We?ve pulled the routing processes off the distribution switches and the wan router and added them back on, we?ve also reload all three of these devices. Nothing seems to make a difference. One other thing to note is the EIGRP ASN that we are migrating away from on the wan router has an EIGRP router-id configured. If I only remove the EIGRP router-id and leave the processes as they have been before the migration, the wan router will loose the redistributed static routes from the distribution switches in its topology table. I?ve done EIGRP migration and redistribution before and I?ve never seen this happen before. Any Suggestions?


Re: Static route redistribution problems when migrating EIGRP AS


I hope I understood your problem correctly. Correct me if I understood anything incorrectly.

Currently, you are using only one (new) EIGRP AS on the WAN router and the distribution switches and the switches don't seem to redistribute the static routes to the WAN router. The other EIGRP devices on the network are learning the redistributed static routes from the distribution switches.

If all of the above is true, what do you see when you do 'show ip eigrp top ' on the WAN router for the redistributed network by the switch.

Though a change in router ID can cause problems, since, you restarted the eigrp process and reloaded all the devices that should have hopefully cleared the issue. Do you have a metric associated with the static redistribution on the switches? Any chance, the networks in question may be advertised by another router that you don't expect to see the update to come from? Split horizon is another thing that can cause this kind of problems.

If you are still having issues, can you be more specific about the problem and provide the relevant configuration, assuming all are private IPs, and that would be helpful in resolving this quickly.



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