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Static routing public address

Right now I have a problem with a wireless system I have to keep it a public address so the ISP can manage it but its going to be behind my private network I have tried to statically route it out to the ISP but ran into the problem of gateway of last resort I need to keep it so that the internal users go through the ISA server. Attached a pic to better explain it. The arrows are the route I want to take. I am just wondering if its even possible to route a leased IP through down that way!

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Re: Static routing public address


Is it possible for you to configure it with ip address and nat it either in the firewall or ISP router with the public address.



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Re: Static routing public address

Well here is the way it is setup right now I have though about changing it to an internal address of 10.2.0.x whatever and putting and exception on the firewall to allow all traffic in and out to that IP because the users can't be bound by a firewall in case they need to do certain things with certain ports and blah blah thing I ran into is the damn thing was put in before there really was an IT staff so the ISP manages it and won't let me into it. Another thing is that its does NAT right now to a 172.16.x.x address for users behind it and goes straight out to the ISP here is a pic of how its setup now. We are centralizing right now.

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