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Still having problems with .tar files IOS upgrade for a switch

Ok I have a standard set up I have my local pc connected to the switch. I have configured VLAN1 with an ip on the same subnet as my machine. I am able to ping. Below is the config that I placed in the router as well as the error that I received. I have done multiple IOS upgrades but nothing like this.

Switch# archive download-sw /overwrite /reload tftp:[[//location]/directory]/image-name.tar

This is what my input was into the switch:

Switch# archive download-sw /overwrite /reload tftp:F:\ntcc\Cisco\Ci


This is the error that I am getting.

Switch#$overwrite /reload tftp:[[//location]/directory]/image-name.tar

Could not buffer tarfile...using multiple downloads

examining image...

%Error opening tftp:[[//location]/directory]/image-name.tar (Invalid IP address

or hostname)

%Error opening flash:update/info (No such file or directory)

ERROR: Image is not a valid IOS image archive.

Please confirm!!! all the forward slashes are right and what not lol. I need to get this done ASAP so PLEASE HELP :)

I will rate once problem has been completed.


Re: Still having problems with .tar files IOS upgrade for a swit

Dear Jcutler,

Please use the WinRAR software ( and avoid all these confusions. Please write me back if you are still struck with the situation.


Wilson Samuel

New Member

Re: Still having problems with .tar files IOS upgrade for a swit

Sorry I can't do it this way....I need to write a procedure doing it the Cisco way :).

I can't dowload 3rd party software to this machine.


Anyone else please help!!!


Re: Still having problems with .tar files IOS upgrade for a swit

Cisco does not use mircosoft file shares. You must have a tftp server on your machine.

If has no clue what to do with F:\ntcc\cisco.....

It basically will take a ip address here and you can put directories in but it easier to configure the tftp server so the default directory already maps where you want it.

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