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Strange NAT behavior on 2821 router

Hi all,

I did the following to remove a "ip nat inside source static ...." entry on my 2821 router, but with no luck !

- turn off nat (no ip nat outside, no ip nat inside)

- clear ip nat trans forced

- no ip nat inside source static .....

The entry is not deleted and is still there when i do a "sh ip nat translations".

What bothers me is the result of "sh ip nat stat"

Total active translations: 4294967273 (4294967293 static, 4294967276 dynamic; 4294967276 extended)

Outside interfaces:

Inside interfaces:

Hits: 81 Misses: 11

CEF Translated packets: 92, CEF Punted packets: 0

Expired translations: 10

Dynamic mappings:

Queued Packets: 0

The Total Active Translations is way too high, despite NAT being turned off.

Any suggestions on how this can happen?

My router is an 2821 with IOS 12.4(11)XJ4


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Re: Strange NAT behavior on 2821 router

These are "normal" bugs in IOS. Reboot the router, or live with that. Of course the huge number is not real, actually an unsigned underflow.

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