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Strange Problem

Hi ppl

i am facing a strange problem please see the pic attached

i have a 3620 and a 2501 at location A

router a loc B(2501) is connected to rouetr a Loc A (2501). placing two routers at a location makes no sense so i thought to pick 2501 placed at location A. to do this i just configured a serial port s0/5 may be on the same network as is router 2501 at loc B

its strange that only 2501 at loc A communicates with that at Loc B

3620 at loc A cannot communicate with 2501 at Loc B

can somebody gimme advice to get out of this?



Cisco Employee

Re: Strange Problem

The reason the 2501 in location A can communicate with the 2501 in location B is that they are directly connected. You need to have either a routing protocol or static routes configured in order to provide full connectivity between all routers?

Hope this helps,

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Re: Strange Problem

i think i could not clarify my question

2501 is connected to 2501

when i connect 2510 of locb to 3620 of loc A through serial port(E1) and bring both the ports on same netwrok i.e they should be able to ping each other

rotuing is next step when i nedd to access these machine from any third machine

they both dont speak to each other even when physically connected

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Re: Strange Problem

infact this diagram shows what i want to do

i want to take 2501 at loc A to be taken out and deployed somewhere else

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Re: Strange Problem


Did you check the serial interface is OK I mean is it working fine...wht is the interface status when u connect E1 link on 3700 or whtever router to 2501 series route at location B ?? did u connect location B router on different port of 3700 series router..



Community Member

Re: Strange Problem


infact at layer 1 the interfaces are up when i connect. i am infact using v35 to g703 convertors to transport E1s

line protocol actually is intermitenet

goes up and down

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