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strange problem

Think about this:

2 router on the same subnet. One Windows XP client. The default gateway of the client is Router 1. The Router 1's Default Gateway is Router 2. When I ping from Windows XP to Router 1, it pings 1 times to Router 1 and the other pings go to Router 2.

Windows Client adds a route to its routing table! What is the case, please give me a technical explanation and how to resolve this issue (this is a model actually, I will resolve a big problem if I realize whats going on in this scenario). thanks.


Re: strange problem


Can you post the following;

1. Windows Client

route print output

ipconfig all output

2. Routers

router1 and router2 ip address and subnet that is in the same vlan with your Windows Client

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Re: strange problem

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Re: strange problem

Hello Volkan,

Could you please post configuration of both router and ip of your XP client.



Re: strange problem

Isn't that because of ICMP Redirect or Proxy ARP? Check the subnet masks of the workstation and router.

Humm... That's strange. =)


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Re: strange problem

Is router 1 sending an ICMP redirect to the host? The situation is appropriate for that to happen. Not sure if creating a static route is how Windows handles a redirect (rather than changing the default gateway)

Re: strange problem

What you are seeing is the normal behavior. IP redirects are enabled by default on Cisco routers.

If you are trying to get to a destination that router1 has to go through router2 then it would send ICMP redirect to the host to forward packet to that destination directly to router2, which is on the same segment.

There may be situations why this behavior may be undesirable. In that case, you can turn off this default behavior on router1 as noted below.

int --> this s/b your LAN interface

no ip redirect



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Re: strange problem

Thank you all of you and especially Sundar.

I will do this and let you know tomorrow, Sundar.


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