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strange vlan problem in NExus 7000

Hi I have cisco Nexus 7000 switch A and B. I have two cisco Nexus 5000 switch R & T.

I have created L3 and L2 vlan in both A and B e.g vlan 32, 41 & 999. SW-A is primary HSRP and Sw-B is secondary. All are permitted between PVC on A & B. I have created same L2 vlan on switch-R & T. All vlans are allowed in trunk.

All VTP is in transparent mode. I have one server on Switch T.

Native vlan on all four is vlan 999 and allowed vlan is 32,41 & 999. All vlan are permitted in Spanning-tree on all switches.

I am able to ping it from Sw-A, B & T, but I am unable to ping from Sw-R. I noticed, if if any switch in the n/w hit sw-A, I am able to ping, but if it is hitting sw-B, I am unable to ping. I found, on all switches, description of vlan 999 is SW-MGMT , but on sw-T it is SW-MGMT-VLAN. I know description does NOT matter in vtp transparent mode.

Please help.


Re: strange vlan problem in NExus 7000

Hi Rupesh,

How is the connectivity between all the four switches as you said a is primary HSRP so traffic will be forwarding from switch A.But brief about the connectivity of the diagram.



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