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supervisor replacement procedure

Hi guys,

I have to replace a supe S2U-MSFC2.

I have a reundant architecture(active and standby sup) and i have to replace the active.

Do you know the procedure?

Any Link?

The active will take the conf from the standby or something else?


Cisco Employee

Re: supervisor replacement procedure

Hi Alessandro,

Please paste a "show module" from your switch and let us check the redundant sup's you are using.

Which sup you will using to replace S2u-MSFC2. the Sup's have to be same kind to acheive the high-availability on the switch.

If you have HA already running on the switch and has the same kind of sup here are the steps that you can follow:

1. Check redundancy status and see if it is working.Also check if the configurations are sync

2. reload the active sup

3. the second will become active and will take care of the network traffic forwarding.

4. Make sure that the new Sup has the same IOS image on it and configure the redundancy.

5.Once the redundancy is configured both the sup's will sync the config files and the new sup will go into stand by state.


-amit singh

Community Member

Re: supervisor replacement procedure

The sup is the same model!

On cisco i red!

At power-up, both supervisor engines run initial module-level diagnostics. Assuming both supervisor

engines pass this level of diagnostics, the two supervisor engines communicate over the backplane,

allowing them to cooperate during switching-bus diagnostics. The supervisor engine in slot 1 becomes

active, and the supervisor engine in slot 2 enters standby mode. At this point, if the software versions

of the two supervisor engines are different, or if the NVRAM configuration of the two supervisor

engines is different, the active supervisor engine automatically downloads its software image and

configuration to the standby supervisor engine.

So if a switch the hot in the first module

and put the new one in the second i should not be aware about ios image and config!

the only things is the former hot will become active!(or not ?)

Attached sh mod

Community Member

Re: supervisor replacement procedure

just a question:

I i had to follow this procedure,

after step 3 can i perform an hot ejection

of the faulty sup module and hot inserting of the new one?


Cisco Employee

Re: supervisor replacement procedure

Yes, you can do that after 3rd step.

What redundancy mode you are running?

If you are running IOS on the Switch, the images are not synced between the Sup's. You have to manually copy the images on both the sup's to make sure that we have the same image on both of them. Please see the link below:

HTH,Please rate if it does.

-amit singh

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