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Hi Sir,

Thanx a lot for your support. I am explaning a problem again as I am new

users in cisco, CCNA certified .

I have three switches two 2950 and one 3550 .

3550 is connected to 2950(1st) as a trunk port at both side and another

2950 (2nd) is also connected to 29501st as a trunk.

3550 is in vtp server domain and having 4 vlan---vlan 2 , vlan 3 , vlan

4 and vlan 5.

Now I want in 2950(1st Switch) that 4 pc in vlan 2 and 4 pc in vlan 3.

And in 2950(2nd Switch) 4 pc in vlan 4 and 4 pc in vlan 5 .

When I did all the configuration I found ,not able to ping management IP

also found problem in intervlan routing in switches.

Not able to ping intervlan .What to do I am so confuse that how to do

intervlan routing in switches.

So please provide me solution : As please use any of the Ip address in

switch as u want and please provide me the fully configuration in both

cisco 3550 server and 2950 client configuration with step by step command

as I am trying this last 3 days but not getting any succsess .

Please do the needful . Please provide complete solution with Ip address

as you want to use . step by step configuration in swtiches _______

I will wait for your kind response.


Sunil Sharma


Cisco Employee

Re: Support


I am assuming that you have all the vlans configured in 3 switches and trunks are working properly.

Config for 3550:

Config t

Int vlan 2

ip address a.a.a.1 x.x.x.0

no shut

Int vlan 3

ip address b.b.b.1 x.x.x.0

no shut

Int vlan 4

ip address c.c.c.1 x.x.x.0

no shut

Int vlan 5

ip address d.d.d.1 x.x.x.0

no shut

Configuration of the 3550 trunk port connected to 2950(1)

Int gig x/y

switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q

switchport mode trunk

Configuration of both the 2950 switch ports

Int gig x/y

switchport mode trunk

After the config is done, Make sure that your PC's connected to the respective vlan has the gateway defined as the 3550 SVI IP addresses.

Let me know if you have any questions.

HTH,Please rate if it does.

-amit singh

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Re: Support

this all i did that what to do for intervlan routing proper.

I am still not able to ping diff. vlan IP

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Re: Support

any mismatch.

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Re: Support

pls post ur config if possible cause it's hard to give some advice based on the info ur provinding...

ciao flash

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