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Swithc oonfig

I am using a 3750 switch and going through a Sidewinder G2 firewall. The

firewall only has its startup config on it with and Internal IP address (.1)which will be the internal gateway. My switch has VLAN2 config of .2. I can ping from my switch to the servers and the .1 gateway, but from my servers I cannot ping the gateway of .1. Is this a

switch config problem?


Re: Swithc oonfig

Can you check,

1) Server has TWO LAN cards ... If yes.can you check out default route and static route entry.

Static route you can check out on windows machine by

netstat -rn

In linux there is also netstat -n command (Not sure for linux or ss ).

Once flush the route entry... Be careful before you are flushing... Take screenshot of all routes. If available.

2) In Switch which default-gateway address??

3) Put into server, static arp entry, in windows

arp -s {IP of internal gateway} {Mac id of Internal gateway}

Check out...

Revert with above tests.

Additional you can checkout,

1) Do you have VTP Domain into switch

2) Which version of VTP client and server?

3) On server which is native VLAN and on client switch which is native VLAN?

please revert.


Dharmesh Purohit

arp -s {} {00-aa-00-62-c6-09}

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