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Syslog Server


Which Syslog server do you suggest for collecting syslog message in network ? on internet there are many and many syslog server and all of them claim their product is the best for all needs and in entreprise level.

So I had to create this discussion on some forums included Cisco Support in order get feedback from Network administrators in every level,small,medium and enterprise.

Thanks for any suggestion and recommandation.

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Syslog Server

At my experience in a small enviroment it's enough with the syslog daemon of UNIX or GNU/Linux. The main advantage is it's free and easy to configure. Could be hard to see the particular messages at the beginning, but with a little practice with the shell, it's very powerful like Cisco's CLI.


Syslog Server

I agree with Luis, and would prefer a UNIX derivative, but if you're looking for something that's GUI driven and that may need to run on Windows, Kiwi makes a good product:



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Re: Syslog Server

Thanks for your attention.

For enterprise network which syslog server do you suggest?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Syslog Server

For the enterprise I really like Solarwinds Network Performance Monitor, AKA NPM. While the syslog is only one feature of the product it is easy to use and search since it's all web based. You can also set alerts on syslog events that can email you of problems.

Check out the other features that NPM has, very helpful reporting and alerting tools.


Re: Syslog Server

Hi Nima,

you could take a look at this:

It is an open source solution (for Linux), pretty good I think.

Best regards,


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Syslog Server


LogZilla ( was purpose-built for Cisco-based networks. The author also happens to be a Cisco employee :-)

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