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T1 Errors

I am getting a bunch of input errors, crc and frame errors.

I have a remote Frame Relay connection that is connected via a Fractional T1. I have verified the basics like timeslots, dlci, framing, line coding and clocking with the phone company. My problem is the phone company keeps pushing this problem back on me. I have replaced the t1 wic twice and even shipped out a whole new router. This connection just started showing these errors about 2 months ago. These errors come and go, some days the line runs relatively clean other days it is so bad the line won't pass traffic. I have put the csu into remote loop and had them test the line. Sometimes they claim they can't even see my loop other times I call them and they say they don't see any errors when they test to my loop and then when they do see errors they claim the problem is with my hardware or configuration. I have had them rebuild the PVC and take the connection down for hours for extensive testing with zero success. Every time I escalate the problem the phone company has to fly the LEC in to check the last mile and of course when they don't find a problem we foot the bill.

Maybe it is something to do with my configuration but it has been stable for years and I didn't make any changes before this problem started. I have 11 other sites with almost identical configs and they are running clean.

Any ideas on how I can diagnose this problem further and/or prove to the phone company it isn't my problem?

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Re: T1 Errors

First, I would call your service rep and escalate the case.

They can run longer test with many different patterns, all 0's, quazi, 3in1,2in1 and also build a test pvc and run a long data pattern test.

The problem with telco is they want to run a short 2 min test on all patterns and clear.

There are also issues with the NIU or smartjack. They can send the ticket to the lec to pull HDSL stats (if available) from the CO. They LEC can also run test to their smartjack and head to head with your carrier.

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Re: T1 Errors

Above post is spot on.

Have a 48 or 72 hrs BER test.

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