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T1 interfaces and Adtran Atlas 800

I recently acquired an Atlas 800 (basic, not plus) for my lab so that I can work on ISDN dialer profiles for backups in a test environment before deployment. I would like to configure a dedicated T1 circuit connecting two Cisco 2610 via the Atlas. I've connected my T1 interfaces to the Atlas, am able to do remote loopback tests just fine. I have also configured a couple of dedicated maps specified the to's and from's.

The two routers, however, still do not see each other (no CDP neighbour data). Does anyone have any thoughts on how to configure?



Re: T1 interfaces and Adtran Atlas 800

What encaps are you trying to use? (FR, HDLC, PPP)? I believe you need an additonal key/license to enable FR on the Atlas.

Did you configure the clock to originate from the Atlas?

Did you configure the routers to accept clock from the line?

Verify your line code & framing (ESF and B8Zs would be fairly typical).

Let us know


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Re: T1 interfaces and Adtran Atlas 800


I think the problem is with the clock settings, as you mentioned. However, I have two options 1) I can set it internally, which generates an "error" on the front panel of the Atlas, or 2) I can set it to "line". Now, with "line" the error I was seeing on the Atlas went away but now I have to figure out where the clock settings are managed on the Atlas (I'm assuming that line refers to picking up the clocking from the Atlas.)

Encapsulation is ppp.

I wish the Atlas 800 did Frame Relay, alas I found out that I need the Atlas 800 Plus. I should still be able to set up a leased line scenario, though. Please help :(


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